Area Rug Cleaning

At the Duct Guys Team, we possess the competence to meticulously attend to an array of area rugs. We bestow upon them the specialized care and diligence they richly merit.

Our adept, certified technicians excel in the discernment of the most suitable cleaning approaches tailored to your rug's distinct weave, fabric, and pigments. We employ the latest advanced methodologies, ensuring a comprehensive purification that eradicates dirt, blemishes, and unwelcome scents.
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Ventilation before and after cleaning
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    We ardently aspire to deliver unparalleled customer service coupled with superior cleaning on every occasion. In this endeavor, your cooperation is invaluable:

    Our cleaning procedure poses no risk to any type of area rug. If any issues or damages to your area rugs or the fringes are apparent, kindly apprise our technician before commencement, enabling us to adopt additional precautions.

    The Duct Guys Team employs innovative, state-of-the-art deodorants capable of permanently eliminating undesirable odors. Our remarkable odor-absorbing agents proficiently combat a wide range of common odors, including oil, mildew, urine, pet odors, sewage, skunk scent, smoke, musty odors, and more. All our deodorizers are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and ozone-friendly, thereby substantially enhancing your home's ambiance. Our technician will apply the appropriate deodorizer tailored to the specific odor issue, ensuring your home enjoys a breath of fresh air!
Ventilation before and after cleaning

The Benefits of Choosing the Duct Guys Team

Our team

Our team of seasoned area rug cleaners can conduct the cleaning within your residence), but we will also provide a complimentary cost estimate before the initiation of any work.

Our technicians

Our technicians curate a bespoke, deep-cleansing regimen, thoroughly inspecting each area rug to gain insights into its unique pigments, fibers, and weave.


Scheduling a professional area rug cleaning session every 6 to 12 months not only results in cleaner, healthier, and more aesthetically pleasing area rugs but also prolongs their lifespan.

In case your pets have left behind unsightly stains, we are more than happy to address them. Thanks to a specially formulated cleaning solution that penetrates deep beneath the surface, we can effectively tackle those stubborn blemishes.
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