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Don't wait another day to book a professional dryer vent cleaning! Safeguard your home and loved ones by eliminating the threat of dryer fires caused by accumulated lint and debris. Act now to enhance your dryer's performance, minimize energy waste, and enjoy shorter drying cycles. Take the smart step today and secure peace of mind while saving money on utility bills.
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Dryer Cleaning
  • It happens suddenly, and the effects can be devastating. A fire originates in the laundry room as the dryer is running, causing from thousands of dollars worth of property damage to total home destruction, along with injury or loss of life. The majority of these fires happen simply because of a failure on the part of the homeowner to make sure that the dryer and the dryer vent duct are kept clean of flammable lint buildup.

    Duct Guys Team can help reduce your risk of dryer vent fires with our dryer vent cleaning service. The amount of lint our duct cleaners are able to remove from dryer vent ducts with our professional duct and dryer vent equipment is a little bit frightening. Some dryer vents are really just one spark away from a real disaster.

Dryer Cleaning

of Dryer Vent Signs Blockage

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends cleaning your dryer vent at least once a year, and more often if you suspect that it may be blocked by lint or other debris.

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We are fully committed to deliver an exceptional clean.

Here are some signs that your dryer vent may need cleaning:

    • If your dryer is now taking longer to get your clothing dry, or is unable to get your clothing dry at all.
    • If you notice lint inside the dryer body beyond the lint filter.
    • If you do not feel air flowing from the exterior vent while the dryer is running when your hand is one foot away or if the slats of the vent do not open while the dryer is running.
    • If you smell musty or burning odors in the laundry room, YOU MUST STOP THE DRYER IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT USE IT AGAIN UNTIL THE VENT HAS BEEN CLEARED
Dirty Dryer Vent
Lint and Heat - a Combustible Combination
Lint comes off the laundry as they dry. It is carried out of the dryer along with the hot air, where the lint filter traps most but not all of the lint. A filter should be cleaned after every load, but even a regularly cleaned filter will allow some lint past the filter into the dryer vent duct. Lint can also collect around the drum inside the body of the dryer itself and between the dryer and the wall of the room, near the connection between the dryer and the dryer vent duct is the connection is not completely secure
Lint collects most easily in flexible ducts, due to the many ridges on the sides, or in ducts that curve or otherwise bend. When the lint settles on the sides of the duct, it sticks a bit from the residual moisture of the heavy, humid air and later dries into an impacted mass that can't be removed just by blowing it away. Over time, this buildup can restrict the airflow and the heat from the dryer can become even hotter in the confined space, possibly even
igniting the dryer lint stuck in the dryer vent or around
the drum inside the body of the dryer.
Dirty Dryer Vent
Carbon Monoxide and Gas Dryers
Beyond the fire risk, restricted airflow with a gas dryer can mean carbon monoxide seeping into your home, endangering your health and the health of your family.

Besides the safety issues, a dryer with an unobstructed vent duct dries clothes more efficiently, saving money on energy as well as wear and tear on the appliance. If it has been more than a year since your dryer vent has been cleaned or if you have never had your dryer vent cleaned, call Duct Guys Team today. Our experienced technicians will help make sure that your dryer vent is clear and clean, for your safety and peace of mind.
Contact us now on (888) 980-8808 or use the contact form above by click “Get A Quote.”

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Reasons and Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer vent has many important roles. The most important role it has is transferring heat from your dryer out of the home. The dryer vent acts like a chimney, and helps take the hot air from the dryer out of your home. Without the dryer vent, your dryer will probably spread heat, lint and debris all over the room it is located in.
Your Health and Life
Clogged dryer vents are not only a threat to your home but also a threat to your life. From producing toxic gases to fire risks, a poorly maintained dryer can result in so many poor scenarios. Therefore, homemakers should thoroughly clean vents to avoid any life-threatening situation.
Your Dryer's Efficiency
By removing dust and dirt, you allow the dryer vent to work to its full capacity. Your clothes take less time to dry up and won't lose their shine. If it takes multiple cycles to dry your wet clothing then it's certainly time to call a professional.
Dryer's Life Span
With proper cleaning of dryer vents, they last much longer. Clogged dryer vent results in the machine working harder but the functioning is negatively affected. Once your dryer vent is clear of all foreign particles, it runs smoothly and doesn't need a replacement.
Saving Money
A cleaner machine works for a longer time. Therefore, it won't require changing for a longer span. When the vents are not blocked, they function to a hundred percent and won't cause wear and tear to the parts. Not only does this cleaning save you from purchasing a new machine but also helps to avoid repairing costs. The biggest benefit is the lowered utility bills as the running time of a clean dryer is less than a clogged one.

Signs and Effects of a Clogged Dryer Vents

Because a dryer vent is meant to remove heat, if it gets clogged it causes several problems which affect your dryer, and its efficiency. Here are the main signs and effects of a clogged dryer vents:
  • Your dryer isn't working as well as it used to - If your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes, it should raise a suspicion. It happens to the best dryers. Over time, they will be less efficient. However, it doesn't happen as quickly as a clog in the dryer vent. Many people have called the dryer technician, only to find out the dryer's inability to remove air and humidity through the dryer vent was the main cause for efficiency loss.

  • You notice a burnt smell around your dryer - that's a pretty bad sign, but still - if you feel it's the dryer - turn it off immediately. Dryer vents are a fire hazard if not cleaned properly, since the lint and debris inside are very flammable. Moreover, adding heat to a flammable substance is never a good idea. A burnt smell is an obvious sign you should have your dryer vent cleaned and your dryer checked - you don't want a fire started because of something simple like that.
  • Your dryer is super hot to the touch - it means the dryer isn't aired out well. Same thing if you find your clothes are extra hot when the dryer is done. The dryer needs to exchange air properly to maintain a good heat and get rid of humidity from drying clothes. Without proper air circulation the dryer will over heat, causing it to break, shorten its life span, or in the worst case - start a fire.

  • Dryer duct hood flap doesn't open. If the duct hood flap isn't opening like it usually does then there is some issue with your dryer. Try to look around for debris or lint. Sometimes the accumulation of lint near the dryer hose or vent opening restricts the flow of air. Don't let the matter persist for too long. Call for professional help so that your dryer can be cleaned and restored to its original state. Sometimes, cleaning the plastic wire mesh resolves the issue but taking external help avoids unnecessary complications.

Contact us now on (888) 980-8808 or use the contact form above by click “Get A Quote.”

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