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Upholstery Cleaning

It’s time to clean your furniture

Upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs need to be cleaned to keep them looking fresh and to help preserve the material. The beauty of your furniture, as well as the durability of the material, depends on the amount of usage it gets and the amount of traffic in that room.

If your furniture looks dull or has excessive stains, it’s time to clean it. Have professional upholstery cleaning services on a regular basis to prevent excessive wear and tear. A good rule of thumb would be to clean your furniture upholstery once a year.

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Professional Sofa Cleaning

Eco Carpet sofa cleaning
  • ✓ Your sofa will look glamorous again
  • Certified fibre care specialists
  • ✓ Eco friendly products safe for children and pets
  • Fully insured and trained
  • ✓ 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!
Eco Carpet sofa cleaning

Suitable for cotton, velvet, viscose, silk, wool, linen and synthetic sofas

When you think of your fabric sofa, think of it as if it were your coat. Would you wear it for 5 years without cleaning it? Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and other upholstered fabric furniture in the house need regular maintenance clean to keep it looking good. In fact, we recommend that you have your upholstery sofa professionally cleaned once a year to keep it hygienic and extend its lifespan.

Easy online quotations and booking process

Contact us today to get rid of dust, dirt, allergens and stains from your carpets and have a healthier home. We offer professional carpet cleaning service that is efficient, affordable, and easy to book online. You can benefit from our expertise in steam cleaning, dry compound cleaning, advanced stain removal, moth proofing and stain protection.

Sofa steam cleaning – the deep upholstery cleaning

Here at Duct Guys Team, we guarantee high-quality results from our professional upholstery cleaning services at competitive and affordable rates. For most pieces of furniture, we use specialist upholstery steam cleaning machines with special shampoo and stain removal solutions.

Sofa Dry Cleaning for those delicate fibres

Sofa dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning delicate sofas, including some velvet sofas. Delicate pieces can only be cleaned by hand using specialist products similar to the ones used by dry cleaners for your clothes, in which case we’ll use special cleaning solutions and a soft cloth to get the job done. We employ the best techniques and products to get your furniture looking as good as new.

Sofa stain removal

Spillages do happen, so when disaster strikes, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible, because the sooner the stain is tackled, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to get it out! And while it might be tempting to just try and get it out yourself using cheap stain remover, chances are that you’ll only make the area worse.

How much does upholstery cleaning service cost?

The different types of fabrics require different cleaning approach, care and skill. We are fully insured and certified upholstery cleaning specialists.
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