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Life's inevitable messes, from playful children to mischievous pets or even a clumsy cupcake mishap, can swiftly transform your cherished furniture into a chaotic sight. Trust the consummate professionals at Duct Guys Team to restore your furnishings to their former splendor.

The Duct Guys Team boasts a cadre of adept technicians armed with cutting-edge equipment capable of rejuvenating an extensive array of upholstery materials, including the likes of Microfiber, Jacquard, and opulent Velvet.
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Masterful Leather Rejuvenation

Ventilation before and after cleaning
  • Our Skilled Team

    Before embarking on any upholstery rejuvenation, our skilled team meticulously scrutinizes each piece of furniture, meticulously crafting a bespoke cleaning regimen. The choice of the most fitting cleaning approach hinges on the composition and construction of the furniture, ensuring an individualized solution for each piece.

    Our profound leather furniture refurbishment transcends the superficial removal of dirt, preemptively safeguarding your fine furnishings from potential damage. The Duct Guys Team's certified cleaning artisans execute a thorough assessment of your leather-bound treasures, then discern the most suitable method to restore their luster.

    Leather embodies a multifarious spectrum of textures, each necessitating scrupulous attention. This is precisely why our cadre of cleaning specialists receives specialized training to ensure the scrupulous care and maintenance of this diverse material.

    Our comprehensive leather cleaning protocol encompasses a meticulous series of phases, guaranteeing a comprehensive treatment for your valuable leather assets.
Ventilation before and after cleaning
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